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Service Doctors was called to the house on Saturday 2/28/2015 since the thermostat was not working properly and the heat shut off after trying to repair the thermostat. They came and claimed it was an $800+ charge to fix , I wasn't home so I told the person at house to call me when they provided her the estimate. She called and I spoke to the repair guy named Jeff. He stated the Control/ Circuit Board needed to be replaced. We spoke about what they would be doing and finally he agreed he would change the board for $550 with a $20 tip, I agreed if the part they would be replacing would be a new Lennox board. I told the person at the house to provide me the part number for the board they would be replacing. So, she asked Jeff to give her the part and she provided me the part number. So I can Google it, during the quick Google search, I noticed the price of the part was $165-$200 thus, I asked her to put Jeff back on the phone. Since he stated the part was $550 and I need him to go down in price. Thus, he called his boss and told me they would replace the board for $450. I agreed if the part was going to be a Lennox and within 15 mins they claimed the "new" part was replaced and they provided a description of service (attached) starting "replaced control board." The next day, something didn't add up thus, called back to asked what work they did and they stated they replaced the control board and so, I questioned why was the part number provided not a Lennox part number and they kept on placing me on hold to only finally have Jeff call me back. Jeff stated he provided her the wrong part number and a new Lennox part was replaced. Things didn't add up for me since different stories were being told, so I decided to do a stop payment of the check until we can confirm the work they stated was done was actually done. We called them requesting to fix the issue and confirm what they replaced was a new Lennox board or I would have an authorized Lennox rep come to check if the board was replaced and once he/she confirms, the full payment was going to be made. However, they insisted they would fix the issue on 3/1/2015 by bring a new Lennox board to the property and change out what was replaced. Ahmad and Jeff met me at the house; they were extremely friendly outside and stated they would fix everything. Once inside, Ahmad became hostile and stated he would take out the board if they did not get paid (which by the way is illegal) and tried to intimidate me in my home, I requested Ahmad to move away from the heating unit and called the police (while waiting for the police, I started recording his rant and threats. The police came and stated this was a civil matter but per my request they had Jeff point out what was replaced. At that time, the police even quested the fact the “the new” part was “new” since it had buildup of dust all over the control board (video and pictures attached). The police also asked Jeff and Ahmad, where the so called “old” part was and they claimed it’s been trashed (although, in my phone conversation they stated they would bring it and trash doesn’t pick-up on a Saturday nights). I took pictures of the board with the dust buildup while the police was at the house. After discussing the issue with the police, I was forced to make a credit card payment but did not sign since I did not agree to the charges. The next day, I called an authorized Lennox repair rep to look over the heating system and to confirm if the control/circuit board was replaced. He arrived, looking at the unit and it was clear to him this was not a new part and it was a part that's been with the heating system for years since spider webs (which were undisturbed were still connected to the heating system and the control board) and buildup of dust was all over the control board. He stated, they probably just changed the fuse plug and the board was not changed (the reason for the payment). He provided me a write finding which indicated the board had dust buildup and it was not a new part that was replaced two days ago. I called Service Doctors to let them know of my findings and nothing was done but telling me they will take me to court. I have pictures, videos and documentation from the authorized repair guy which opposes what was said was done and paid for.

After having all these issues with them, I started researching more about the company since I had a feeling this was not their first time. Found out, they have a revolved license with DPOR and one of the reason for their license being revoked was because of a similar issue. They have multiple judgments against them and they have a rating of F with the BBB.

Clearly per the online research and my experience, they are a danger to the public and should not be allowed in any home. Therefore, not even sure how they still have a business license.

Pictures on YELP

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $450. This person is overall dissatisfied with Service Doctors and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about service doctors repair at Service Doctors was scam company Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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